Our team

We are a team of creatives, nerds and digital marketing lovers :)
  • Paulo Faustino Paulo Faustino

    Paulo Faustino

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Regina Santana Regina Santana

    Regina Santana

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Lígia Marques Lígia Marques

    Lígia Marques

    Social Media Manager

  • Fábio Mota Fábio Mota

    Fábio Mota

    Content Manager

  • André Félix André Félix

    André Félix

    Web Developer

  • Cátia Jaulino Cátia Jaulino

    Cátia Jaulino

    Social Media Manager

  • Liliana Novais Liliana Novais

    Liliana Novais

    Web Designer

  • Ricardo Lima Ricardo Lima

    Ricardo Lima

    Project Manager

  • Catarina Eusébio Catarina Eusébio

    Catarina Eusébio

    Social Media Manager

  • João Carvalho João Carvalho

    João Carvalho

    Web Developer

  • Rodrigo Silva Rodrigo Silva

    Rodrigo Silva

    Motion Designer

  • Carina Carvalheiro Carina Carvalheiro

    Carina Carvalheiro


  • Patrícia Loução Patrícia Loução

    Patrícia Loução

    Web Designer

  • Gonçalo Neves Gonçalo Neves

    Gonçalo Neves

    Web Designer

  • Pedro Vala Pedro Vala

    Pedro Vala

    Motion Designer

  • Margarida Oliveira Margarida Oliveira

    Margarida Oliveira

    Social Media Manager

  • Gilmara Carvalho Gilmara Carvalho

    Gilmara Carvalho

    Content Manager

  • Adriana Carmo Adriana Carmo

    Adriana Carmo

    Adriana Carmo

  • equipa

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